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Prove your friends that you’re the ultimate word-wizard in swApp! Alter the word into a new one, adding, removing or swapping just one letter per turn. You have to be quick though, because in swApp… you only have a few seconds! 

swApp is an online turn-based multiplayer word-puzzle game in which you can play against your friends or random opponents. Need to practise or no internet available? Don't worry, swApp comes with an offline practise mode to play against yourself. You can even use it to play local multiplayer games!

- Play online against friends or random opponents
- Play offline to practise or to play local multiplayer games
- Receive push notifications to know when it's your turn
- (Paid) View your swApp player statistics

If you have any questions, recommendations, or just want to stay tuned for updates, please follow me on Twitter (@FerdieQO) or on the swApp Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Swapp...

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